Just about the right kind of counter-poison to taking oneself  too seriously where meditation is concerned. This chap is perfectly in tune with what it means to be completely ordinary yet fun to listen to, yet psychologically fearless . A great discovery! – See more at: http://www.awakin.org/read/view.php?tid=928#sthash.A2lSs9OV.dpufDSC_9066“Self-love is the cure to suffering.”



this only

has nothing to do with behavior:
touching, not touching, touching, not touching

has nothing to do with responsibility:
credit, blame, winning, losing, owning, using, sharing

this only

a chaotic non-state of non-separation
appearing as all possibilities
endlessly changing

a single rule that cannot break

cannot teach being
cannot learn being
cannot sell being
cannot buy being
being freely this only

no identity to inquire
no name to explore
no self to realize

this only


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In many of his videos, I see him unfolding. He’s not fixed, and doesn’t pretend to know it all. What he shares, and how he shares it, has really helped me to see the absurdity in seeking something outside of myself and my own experience. Whenever I need to be reminded of that, I watch Ben’s videos. :) – See more at: http://www.awakin.org/read/view.php?tid=928#sthash.A2lSs9OV.dpuf
In many of his videos, I see him unfolding. He’s not fixed, and doesn’t pretend to know it all. What he shares, and how he shares it, has really helped me to see the absurdity in seeking something outside of myself and my own experience. Whenever I need to be reminded of that, I watch Ben’s videos. :) – See more at: http://www.awakin.org/read/view.php?tid=928#sthash.A2lSs9OV.dpuf
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56 thoughts on “

  1. thank you.
    the interview is awesome.
    can’t say much more than that–speechless.
    Om namah shivah
    namaste, self…….

  2. Hey Ben, its Fish, long time no see.

    (damn the impersonal typing, ~but tongue-in-cheekly~) “you aren’t quite the same as when I last talked to you last”

    I watched several of your summer works on YT and I read some of your site and I read that you had a sort of awakening of your own out under the pines, and as you (I assume) are still much the same person you were, I am also much the same person I was, but also awakened, but (not surprisingly) by different ‘words’, thoughts really of my own…I remembered.

    Now, to the point,

    I have several thousand dollars awaiting me in Sudan, funds diverted by His Mahjesty, King Awal Abduhlah Bodani. I need only an american connexsion and a small posting fund forwarded to wire these some 14 Million USD to a liquid account…ok bad joke.

    Seriously, I am aware, and I understand that my own personality is driving me here, and I can only say at the moment, that I seek you so that you may spend some of your time of being in a communicating form to also work your personality in helping me – just talking really. From the information I have of you of late- that you spread the idea of awareness – that is how you (choose?) to spend some personality time, I also choose to spend some time away from the beingness of being. The reason I come to you and not some other is that my time (sound effect ‘bliddiddung-doop) ~thinking~ about ~words~ at least in what I am thinking about now, I wish to remain anchored in the state of awareness – or at least inasmuch as the person can remain anchored in awareness and philosophize at the same time. You seem to be a point of grounding in awareness, and I wish to develop my ideas themselves to also be anchored in awareness (they already are, I just need some help keeping them so).

    To put it shortly – I wonder how to best express, to best reach many people about themselves remaining anchored.

    I still teach, and my particular thoughts – energies spent as a personality – are concerned with bringing awareness into the forefront of thinking in peoples’ minds – Especially in the faculties of math and science. A pop way to say it is that, especially in westerrn culture, the ego has taken too much control of time spent and energies diverted. I wish to find a better way to communicate this and change this.

    I suspect you may dismiss my thoughts, which is understandable, especially if you hold awareness above all – if you forgo thought in favor of pure awareness. So I will repeat, I too am aware, I am just appealing to you to spend some of your ‘unaware’ time with me, hashing up some ideas, and with said ideas, trying to keep awareness in focus – force the consciousness to always recognize the awareness. I think that might produce something.
    Or not.

    Hell, just to bullshit.

    I’m not looking for answers – I’m developing a thought – an experiment, a lab. I once had a friend, a punk rock roomate when we were 19. He said that cats are like mad scientists, running around, running the experiment in your house. Thats what I’m talking about doing. No eternal search.

    email me when you can,

    No worries,


  3. You’re insight just makes me feel good. You’re not just an actor. What you are saying is the real deal. I know it in my heart, even though I don’t venture there – I’m afraid to.

  4. I see you on MLK everynow and then and wanted to say thank you, you remind us all to be proud of who we are and you put smiles on all of our faces.

  5. Dear Ben,
    I love love love listening to you. I love the story I have of you. I feel open to possibilities while I watch your videos and sometimes the feeling of possibilities stays with me. I am really loving me this and and open to loving others as it serves me me in loving me. I seem to be open to what you share and I love how I feel. My story is that you are soooo cute and alive and fun and funny and unafraid and kind and loving and real. Thank you for sharing your stuff and your life experience. I look forward to watching your videos, I lvoe when I’m notified that you’ve posted. Thank you, my world is wonderfully great and has been supported and benefited because of your gift. thank you, <3 Penny-Claire

  6. I discovered your videos 2 days ago when I was viewing some of those produced by Eckart Tolle. Since then, I have spent a few hours to look at “yours” (you would probably answer that they are no more yours…), but even if you don’t need my approval, I want to thank you.
    You are inspiring. Please continue the good work.

  7. To allow everything. Fuck! What will become of me? I worked fucking 60 years on this me.
    Gangaji would mention to the joke of it all. I never got it,now I get it but I don’t think its very fucking funny!

  8. Is it true… that any conclusion is a belief. Nonduality is not-know, not judge, not stereotype, not have a belief, be without viewpoints?

  9. There is a group of NonDual lovers in Portland, Oregon who would love to have you live with us for a week. The group is about 10 strong, you could live in several of our houses! Shannon Pernetti

  10. sit back, relax. enjoy the show. life is moving thru me and i cannot do anything about it but love and be astounded by it. Thank u for the helping me hear myself Benjaminxxo

  11. Hey Ben. Thanks for giving what you did. If you’re ever in Denmark I’d be happy to show you around. We’re all mirroring the image so it’s impossible to destroy ;-) Namasté

  12. Dear Ben, it was so nice to “meet you” virtually. Thanks for sharing your perspective on these various contexts. It was a pleasure to listen. Two frieds and I will visit the San Francisco area in mid til end of August 2012. We live in Berlin and would like to meet you in real. Do you still meet with people that like you :-) ? I don’t know if you just destroy the virtual image or are shifting completly everything you did right now. It would be nice to get an answer but anyway all the best for you! Love and kisses from Berlin *

      • Considerably, this post is really the sweseett on this notable topic. I harmonise with your conclusions and will thirstily look forward to your incoming updates. Saying thanks will not just be sufficient, for the phenomenal clarity in your writing. I will directly grab your rss feed to stay informed of any updates. Admirable work and much success in your business dealings! Please excuse my poor English as it is not my first tongue.

  13. Ever since I began watching your videos… I’ve felt called to share a thought- I sense you may find something in ‘Disappearance of the Universe’, Gary Renard. -Peace

  14. You are a breath of fresh air! Thank you for your message of self-acceptance /love and love of your neighbor.

  15. I’m so glad I saw one of your Youtube vids (which lead me to see you have several more). Good work Benjamin Smythe!!!!!!! Cutting edge ;) Thanks for being alive.

  16. Okay so, I have watched your video on relationships, and I completely agree with pretty much everything you have stated. Everything you said about, the other person being able to experience pleasure without you – I think is utterly true. I am currently in a relationship, a very recent and fresh one. I have gone into it (attempting) holding no expectations which I can definitely admit was the right thing to do and a good way to go about it. I have been rolling over in my head the idea of this guy sleeping with other people and trying to feel that it would be okay because he is aloud to experience pleasure without me, and as much as I agree with that I can’t seem to feel it in the heart of me, or in the truth of me. I suppose what I’m asking is how do you get yourself to that place? Where you sincerely feel that way as a TRUTHFUL part of you…Does that make sense?

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