A Sign


might be easy to go out and see what happens.
maybe all it takes is a sign.

Beach and Wedding 101


Beach and Wedding 024
sign 001

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inspired by science and sanity by alfred korzybski

,ayb 004alfred korzybski

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There isn’t another place.


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“Is Meditation Helpful?”

Meditation is an act of falling into falling; a love affair between gravity and skeleton.

Position of the skeleton, while an appearance of meditation cultures–as in, ‘this is the shape’ instead of ‘this is a shape’–has nothing to do with meditation. Meditation is each skeleton’s relationship to gravity, already happening spontaneously and simultaneously. It is a density of falling, but ever only currently. This surging river of gravitational balancing coursing through a balancing act made of hard and soft landings.

Meditation is playing with a light/heavy switching of balance and weight in relationship to knowing it to be here to play with. We each are meditation as currently skeleton is. In motion, we cannot find our location. In stillness, we cannot find our shape. Between these two feelings, all bones are rising and falling.

A love affair with gravity, like a puppet in love with strings.

Helpful as a wheel carrying a smile.



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Consciousness Confirmation

Would like to share a perspective that may help those who are seeking liberation in the classic, spiritual sense of the word. It hinges on the simplicity of this statement:

sensations have no inherent identity.

There is no word innately attached to sensations. The fact there is more than one language on the island attests to this. Not knowing the word for kissing in Swahili or Finnish does not stop the sensation from happening. It is the sensations that language attempts to organize. The feeling is without an accurate label, immediately beyond culture. Language is what we use to point out what we can eat, drink, share and not share. It is not the truth of nature. It is a function of species. A man standing in a field roaring at a tiger roaring back at the man is beyond culture. Liberation is stepping beyond the edge of culture into the unknowable immediacy of sensations.

Any of the 21+ senses can be used to confirm consciousness.

Following this paragraph is a list of senses. There is much debate in the categorization of what is and is not a sense. Again, as language is a pointer to experiencing sensations, the list is meant only as suggestion and not as any kind of absolute. Pick any sense and concentrate on it until there is no other experience but of the sense. This destroys the dualistic belief in a separate observer in a similar way to a supernova destroying a star.





Light Touch
Rotational Acceleration (Turning Axis)
Linear Acceleration (Traveling Axis)
Proprioception (Motionless Axis)
Kineasthesis (Motion)
Stretch (Tendons)
Stretch (Muscles)


Blood Pressure
Head Blood Temperature
Blood Oxygen Content
Cerebral Spinal Fluid
Full Stomach
Sexual Arousal

Any sensation can be used to dissolve the belief in a separate observer. The gift of using sensations, rather than descriptions of experiences, as the key to liberation is there is a ceaseless abundance of them to attend to. Paradoxically, this includes the sense of being liberated.

What is valuable for the seeker is not to consider the vocabulary or the content of the presentation of this note. What is valuable is to consider the fact of reading at all. This reading is not dependent on anything. Reading does not alter the possibility of experiencing. Experiencing happens automatically. There is no way to expand or contract the process of experiencing, only the content of the experience. Seeing is one of many options for confirming consciousness. If consciousness was dependent on any particular sense, that sense would have to be present continuously without interruption. Stop reading and look at the wall. Only the colors change, not consciousness.

Using senses, rather than language, a seeker finds an endless wellspring of “teachers” available without cessation. This is very good news for everyone who desires liberation. There is no shortage of guides and they are all free.

Each and every sensation confirms consciousness.

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