“Why are you holding that sign?”


“It had to be true. There was no other place things happened and that had to be the edge of both of our memories. Whenever we were looking at each other it was from the freshness of our real-time perception. There was no way that was not perfect because it was not being stored anywhere we could find.”


“If an ego we possessed, that extra bit would have died from the shock of discovering how little was accomplished.”

“We all seemed to be a shaping,
an abstraction we yanked out of a thinly airing not-air.”

“All the doctoring eventually died.”

“Reverse the funnel. Don’t put the little end in our greedy gaping and hope the world feeds us whatever we think we are missing. Flip it around and pour love into the big end and accept only a little bit comes out at a time anyway and only then—a little like learning to ride a horse or a bike, putting all that beauty to work.”

“If we agree to get rid of you and i, then it’s us and not our names.

Won’t blow us away. Only wind can do that.”

“Royally we; a blank name tag on the ground.”

“Not for lack of trying, a bare whispering meeting a bare listening.”

“We hunt for love from dying animals and wonder why we’re lonely.
We aren’t missing love. We’re missing sense.”

“What we were up to was grander than we could ever see and yet,
happening right at the edge of skin tip of the knows.”

“This island is a lost and found box we didn’t inherit.”

“What we take seriously and what we joke about are the same thing.
That’s our inherent, natural madness.”


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